Social Media Profile(s)

Social Media Profile(s)

If you are aiming for a job involving social media, you should have already at least started building your social media profiles and be using all the top platforms, especially those used by your prospective employers. If you are targeting jobs that do not involve social media, you may just have a presence on one or two select platforms and do not need to be posting often.

Linkedin can be a very helpful job search tool - both for looking for jobs and marketing yourself but also connecting with other job seekers, researching employers/careers/industries, and accessing information and resources. It is important that your Linkedin profile be professional and reflect you. It should have a decent, professional-looking photo of you and list much of the same information that is on your resume. Check out some of the job search related groups and see who of your contact knows someone at one of the companies you would like to work for. There is a ton of information on Linkedin and elsewhere on the internet to help you maximize your use of the platform and optimize your profile.

As for other social media platforms that may be useful, that depends on your target employers/industry and how they like to communicate. Whatever you choose to use on the web for your job search and your personal life, remember that recruiters and employers can and will Google you. Yes, personal and professional lives can be very different, but in the digital world, the line between is often fine or even blurred.

Using Social Media Marketing with Career Incite

Recruiters and Employers can...and will...Google you!