While often thought about for Artists and Performers, portfolios can be a helpful job search tool for anyone. At a minimum, it is a place where you can safely keep all of your proof of credentials (licenses, certifications, etc.), letters of recommendation, examples of your work, summary of accomplishments, past performance reviews, noteworthy feedback forms, and anything career related that you do not want to lose. It can also include your Mission Statement, your career summary and goals, and even a list of workshops and conferences you attended or participated in. You may never have occasion to show it to anyone else but going through it from time-to-time can be a great way to remind yourself of your achievements and boost your self-esteem. If you are going to use it in your job search, perhaps have a second binder or presentation folder into which you can transfer what is relevant for each interview, and include a Table of Contents so employers can find things easily and see an example of your organizational abilities. Your main portfolio may include everything back to your Primary Ballet Certificate to your Grade Six Elementary School Spelling Bee Award, and your High School Valedictorian speech but things like that are often only appreciated after the fact by your Mother, and eventually your Grandchildren. For employers, stick to what is relevant and relatively recent.

Portfolio with Career Incite

Remind yourself of your achievements and boost your self-esteem.