Online & Video Resumes

Online Resumes

Many online job board websites where you may already be searching job postings, also allow you to post your resume for employers to see. This is a free service for job seekers (if you find one that isn’t free, proceed with caution) - so, why not try it – all you have to lose is the time it takes. Employers pay to post jobs on many online sites but they pay even higher fees to access the databases of resumes. Some employers will do both but some will choose the more expensive option because it eliminates the need to weed-through resumes of unqualified applicants. Job seekers can often upload one or more resumes they already have in an electronic format, or they can create resume(s) right on the site. Note that there may be multiple privacy options where you can hide your name and contact information or block your resume from being seen by your current employer. Every site is a bit different so read the instructions and options carefully. If you land a job or decide to take time off from your search, you can simply turn off your resume and turn it back on when you are wanting to recommence your search. Having your resume on a site makes it easy to apply for any jobs on that site but allows employers to find you.

An increasing number of employers are using electronic databases and applicant tracking systems. In these cases, if you want to apply to work there, you may be required to set-up a profile, upload a resume and maybe a cover letter, and possibly answer some questions. Again, there is no cost to job seekers and it allows the employer to find you when they search their database for candidates using specific criteria.

Video Resumes

At this point in time (early 2019), video resumes are not vital for most job applications. The exception is for positions where you will be on camera (for instance a TV Weather Person or Internet Talk Show Host), giving presentations or live performances, or involved in producing videos. That being said, it can never hurt to have one and can help to show creativity, confidence, and presentation skills, as well as your personality. If you decide to use a video resume, helpful resources and tips can be found on the Internet.

Other Types of Resumes at Career Incite

Be ready with your resume if employers use electronic databases.