How to Write a Cover Letter

In a job search, your cover letter, or more correctly cover letters, only have one job – to get the Recruiter/Employer to read your Resume. Yes, they do other things, including letting the reader know what you want and highlighting your strengths. I say cover letters plural because you should write a separate letter for each and every job to which you apply. Most Recruiters/Employers will be aware that you are not just applying to one job but they want to know that you are not applying to every job and just chasing a paycheck. They want to interview applicants who are truly interested in that job, their company, or at least the industry. Usually, candidates who are the most interested will be more conscientious/harder workers.

Other tips: The whole letter should not be more than one page and it should not be too full. Use the same margins as on your resume, as well as the same font style and size as the body of your resume. You can indent the start of paragraphs if you like but always have at least a line of space between paragraphs. Avoid the use of “I” at the beginning of paragraphs and limit (but not eliminate) your use of it in the letter overall. Always be sure and proofread and have one or two other people proofread it whenever possible. Pay attention to any application instruction in the posting or on the Employer’s website. If they request that your cover letter and resume be in one file, be sure and insert a page break at the end of your letter so that your layout stays the way you intended.

Tips for Resume Writing with Career Incite

Highlight your strengths and what you can do for the prospective employer.