Closing Paragraph

Your final/closing paragraph can be a summary but should also include a thank you and a call to action. If you think about advertisements, they usually include a call to action: Visit our store. Use this coupon. Go to our website. Click this link. Call us. Answer the following question. Leave a comment. Share this post… You get the idea. In your case, you are advertising you. Ask the Recruiter/Employer to call you. It will not guarantee they will call but it increases your chances. And while it may sound bold, there is a fine line between aggressive and assertive.

Aggressive: I am your perfect candidate and can start in two weeks. Call me at 555-123-4567 so we can work out the details.

Assertive: A meeting to discuss my skills and interests as they relate to your needs would be appreciated. Please contact me at 555-123-4567 with any questions and to arrange an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Then you simply end the letter with Sincerely, or Regards, and your first and last name. If it is a paper copy, be sure to sign your name between the closing and your printed name. Otherwise, when possible, you can add an electronic version of your signature if you wish.

Formatting Your Resume with Career Incite

There is a fine line between agressive and assertive speech.