Resume vs CV with Career Incite

A Resume and a CV are NOT the Same Thing

The terms resume and CV (curriculum vitae) are often used interchangeably but, they are actually not synonymous. Apples and oranges are both fruits and comparable in shape, but we all know they are not the same thing. One might argue that a MacIntosh apple and a Granny Smith apple, although both apples are very different.…

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What If You Have No Related Experience with Career Incite Blog

What If You Have No Related Experience

I once met a young man who thought he had no related experience or skills to offer an employer. He was top of his class and very eager, but unsure “how to write a resume out of nothing”. Well, after much questioning about how he spent his summers and spare time when he wasn’t in…

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Proofread Is Important with Career Incite

Proofread – Failing to do it Can Cost You a Job

I once read an application submitted for a job posting and there was no punctuation in the cover letter or resume whatsoever.  Did the writer proofread the document at all? This had me thinking that the writer had paid little or no attention to detail. Or perhaps made a poor choice as to how to…

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Best Source for Job Search with Career Incite

Who is the Best Source for Job Search Advice?

I dare say that there is no one “best” source for job search advice for everyone. There will likely be a combination of a few sources. And, those will differ from person to person and industry to industry. That being said, there are certainly not-so-good sources; and some that may have been good at one…

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Job Searching with Career Incite

Job Search – Treat it Like It’s Your Job

There are many things that are more fun or more interesting than doing a job search, at least for most people. It is also very easy to get distracted. However, it is important to keep momentum whenever possible. Schedule some time each weekday, if not every day, to work on something job search-related. There is…

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Follow Up With Career Incite

Be Sure To Follow Up…Unless They Tell You Not To

One time when responding to a job ad that listed the title of whom to send the application, I indicated in my cover letter that I would follow up shortly after the application deadline. In this particular case, I was able to find out the name of the person and phoned them on the specified…

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Networking with Career Incite

Networking – Who Do The People You Know, Know?

When I was working with classes of Co-op students, I would ask them how many thought that their roommates knew what their major was. Almost everyone put up their hand. However, less than half put their hand up when I asked if they knew what their roommate was taking in school. I asked them to…

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The Media With Career Incite

The Media: Use It To Your Advantage

Have you ever been watching tv and have seen a commercial for the news? Often, they promote “the latest story.” Generally speaking, the quick promotional piece offers tidbits of information. As a result, the media uses this to intrigue its audience to tune-in. You watch the whole news show because that particular story is last;…

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Elevator Speech With Career Incite

Elevator Speech: A Key Tool

No doubt, job hunting is a daunting task. But, with this simple tool, you can make your own luck. Also, the “elevator speech” is a secret weapon that will have you prepared for any situation. Of course, crafting this speech is critical in your success. What is an Elevator Speech? As part of your job…

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Differentiate Yourself with Career Incite

Differentiate Yourself From Other Candidates

I once heard a recruiter say, he would rather have a driven student over a talented one, any day. An employer can teach necessary skills, but cannot instill determination in someone to do their best. In most cases, employers want to feel that applicants have a genuine interest in the position and the company. Additionally,…

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