Why Us?

Would you rather be given a fish and eat for a day or be taught to fish and be able to eat whenever you are hungry?

You can choose to pay to have a resume written for you, start to finish. However, if you need alterations or additions at some point, do you want to want to pay again? And, if whoever wrote your resume originally is not available, you will need to hire someone to start from scratch again.

By learning how to write a winning resume, you have complete control and can easily make changes at any point, as many times as you need.

Also, who else can tell your story with more accuracy than you? Let me guide you through writing your own resume, or updating an existing resume. By following these strategies, you will have a good marketing document. Note: for those of you who have not yet realized, what you are doing in a job search is marketing yourself.

Follow the tips on this website and give it a try.

Then, if you would like to take it from good to great, let me look it over. We will check the spelling, grammar, and punctuation but also look at what you said and suggest how you can say it better. If you wish, there is coaching available, as well as other fee-for-services.

With more than a dozen years of career coaching, resume writing, and job searching – both for clients and personally, as well as a background and relationships with Recruiters, I can help you.

Sheryl Scott from Career Incite

Thanks for visiting this website. The goal is to inspire you to choose a career that will allow you to live the life you want and make your job search as effective as possible.

About the Coach

My name is Sheryl Scott and my passion is helping others succeed. For those of you who do not know me, I encourage you to check out my background on Linkedin.

However, before you look at my history and jump to the conclusion that I have not had to look for a job in a very long time and therefore can’t possibly understand what you are going through, I will tell you that I was job searching until very recently, and still keep my eyes and ears open for that perfect employment opportunity. You see, I was in contract roles ever since entering the Career Services field, and the reality of being in a contract role is that you are always looking for your next contract. Therefore, I have been job searching, to one degree or another, for over 15 years. You will notice in my posts that I also leverage the career exploration and job search experience of my clients and my students, as well as any tips I have learned from Recruiters/Employers themselves.

And, before you send me a Linkedin invitation to connect, know that by connecting, I believe that you are giving me permission to contact you – and I just might. I have another business based on network marketing and we are always looking for people to join our team who are bright, ambitious and willing to learn. (So, don’t say I didn’t warn you;)

Why Incite?

It is intentional. Incite – not insight and not excite.

Incite comes from a Latin verb meaning “to move into action” and if you incite someone to do something, that is exactly how to describe it. To be absolutely honest, both of those, in all their various forms, were already used for titles of other websites and blogs.

According to dictionary.com: Incite – [in-sahyt] – verb (used with object), incited, inciting. – To stir, encourage, or urge on; stimulate or prompt to action

Incite, rouse, provoke, and inflame are verbs meaning to goad or inspire an individual or a group to take some action or to express some feeling. Incite and rouse are similar in that, although they can imply in some contexts abrasive or inflammatory arousal of violent or uncontrolled behavior, neither necessarily does so. Incite means simply to induce activity, of whatever kind.